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What is the Holy Bible?
What is in the Bible?
---- Pentateuch, 5 Books of Moses, Torah, the Law
---- History
---- Wisdom
---- Prophets
---- Acts of the Apostles
---- Letters (Epistles)
---- Book of Revelation
What is the Canon?
Who chose the Canon?
What is the Talmud?
What are the Apocrypha?
What is the Septuagint?
What are the Targums?
What is the Kaballah?
What are the pseudepigrapha?
What are apocryphal books?
What does LXX mean?
What do MS and MSS mean?
What are the "original autographs"?

If the Bible is God's word and He specially protects it, why did He let the original documents get lost or destroyed?

What language was the Bible written in?
What language did Jesus speak?

Are chapters, verse numbers, punctuation, capitalization, section headings, or footnotes part of the Bible?

Why do some verse cites include letters, e.g., [7b] ?
Why are some Bible words in italics?
What is God's name in the Bible?
Why do different editions of the Holy Bible differ in some details?
Why are almost all modern English translations copyrighted?
Which English translation of the Holy Bible is best?
What Bible study software is available?
Where can I download and read the Bible on the Internet?
Why can't I download the NIV or the NASB?
Which Bible should I use?




Why should I believe the Bible is true?
What is the difference between objective and subjective evidence?

Why should I believe the New Testament?  Weren't New Testament stories passed down for centuries before they were written down?

Luke investigated everything himself.
Peter, an eyewitness, wrote about what he himself saw and heard. 
Why should I believe the Bible is inspired by God?
Does prophecy prove the Bible is true?
Isn't this really all just a matter of personal interpretation?




Some Preliminary Remarks
About 'The Omega Code' Movie
Bible Codes -- Proof of Divine Inspiration
Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) explained
A few words about Drosnan's book The Bible Codes
ELS technique example (in English)
ELS Bible Codes can be found manually.
Codes about Jesus in the 'suffering servant' passage of Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Codes about Jesus around Exodus 30:16
Why does the name Mary appear three times and the name James appear twice?
Can Bible Codes be used to predict the future?

Sometimes, Bible Codes can be used to get some information about near future events.

Are there any Bible Codes in the New Testament?
Are there Bible Codes in any translations?
Are there Bible Codes in the Apocrypha?
Are there Bible Codes in other religious books such as the Koran?
Are there Bible Codes in the Book of Mormon?
Are there ELS codes in other, secular books?
Bible ELS Codes are unique in two ways.
Is there anything in the Bible about 'equidistant letter sequences'?
The Holy Spirit signed the Bible -- EACH LETTER OF IT !!!



"Gospel" means "good news"
What is the gospel?
The Gospel According to Isaiah
Does the Gospel need to be defended?
Is there a penalty for distorting the gospel?
"Gospel" means "Good News"
Why are there four Gospels?
Each of the four Gospels portrays a different aspect of Jesus.
-- Matthew -- The prophesied Messiah of the Jews
-- Mark -- Human Jesus, Obedient Servant
-- Luke -- Savior of all mankind
-- John -- God Incarnate
Thematic contrasts
Jesus' Nature
Jesus' Purpose
Each of the four Gospels had a different target audience.
-- Matthew -- Jews
-- Mark -- Gentile Romans
-- Luke -- Gentile Greeks
-- John -- Those facing false teachings
Which Gospel was written first and which last?
Why was there such a delay in the writing of the Four Gospels?
There wasn't much of a delay in writing down the main contents of the Four Gospels.
Jesus was expected to return in a short time.
The Roman Empire was a non-literary society.
Personal teaching was considered preferable.
The Four Gospels first started being written when the witnesses started dying off.
Why don't the Four Gospels agree with each other?
A gospel is not ...
What is a gospel?
If the Four Gospels don't agree with each other completely, doesn't that prove the Bible (or the New Testament) isn't true?
I'm a Christian.  The Bible has no contradictions whatsoever.  I know that by faith.
Examples of known discrepancies in the Four Gospels:
-- Where did Jesus go after being baptized?
-- Which disciple did Jesus pick first, second, etc.?  When did He pick them?
-- Did Jesus start His public ministry before or after He picked the first disciples?
-- When did Jesus clear the temple?
If there are contradictions, how can I know that any of the Bible is true?
Principles of Textual Interpretation
The Bible is unique in the depth and variety of its message.
There are no theological contradictions in the Bible.
The Bible was signed by the Holy Spirit -- each and every letter!
The authors of the Four Gospels didn't care about chronology.
We must view the works through the authors' eyes.
We must examine the works with the authors' purposes in view.
We must consider what source materials were available to the authors.
If all the Four Gospels agreed on all details, none of them could be considered trustworthy.
The Gospels were written to tell man the Good News about salvation, not to be dissected.


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