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God and Man separated by sin, reconciled by
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Major Christian Doctrines


Astronomy + Evangelism

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What the Bible Teaches:
God Jesus Holy Spirit Man Angels Satan


The Personality of God P

The Relationship Between God and Man P

What God Requires of Us P

Major Christian Doctrines P


The Good News of Jesus the Messiah P

The Gospel According to Isaiah

Christian Evidences and Apologetics  -- Reasons to Believe Christianity is True

The Holy Spirit - Third Person of the Trinity



Was Jesus just some nut case?

Jesus Said He is God

Jesus Christ – Lord, Liar or Lunatic? P

What is Messianic Prophecy?

Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus P


Did he really come back from the dead???

Tomb For Sale – Only Used 3 Days P

Did Jesus Die on the Cross? A Lawyer Examines the Swoon Theory

Autopsy Report on Jesus

Mayo Clinic Study on Jesus' Crucifixion


What the Heck is 'The Rapture'?

What Happens After You Die?

The Marriage Of Jesus And The Elect

Who are Christians to Tell Me How to Live? P

Satan – The Devil & Fallen Angels – Demons P

Reincarnation – Satan's Second-Biggest Lie P


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Bible Study Dictionary

What's in a Name?  Bible Names Dictionary

     And if I Don't Believe? . . .
God's Massive Pre-emptive Strike




Messianic Jewish Top 100 Sites

Jesus in the Passover Feast (Seder / Haggadah)

Understanding New Covenant Kingdom Order

Messianic Judaism Baruch Ha Shem Messianic Congregation

Messianic Jewish Tracts

Living Holy: Is "The Law" Dead?


Bible Codes – Fact Or Fantasy?

Jesus' Black Ancestors

Webmaster's Comments: Passion of the Christ


You can be the Best Person in Hell!    Learn How

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