God On The Net Spam Policy


I assume you came to this page because you received spam allegedly from godonthe.net.

I DO NOT SEND SPAM and spam is not being sent through the site's secure Linux e-mail server which is at one of the largest hosting companies. Please realize that GodOnThe.Net is just as much a victim of the spammers as are spam recipients.

I send less than 3 emails per week from GodOnThe.Net. The only outgoing address I use is "Rick". I don't use yahoo.com, I don't use Microsoft Outlook, I turn off my computer when I'm not using it and no one else has access to the computer.

Whoever is sending the spam is putting false addresses and is using a completely unrelated server. I don't know who is sending the spam or how to stop them.

I invite you to look through my various sites, which are listed here. Hopefully, you will find something useful or interesting.